To change the negative perceptions that young people have of manufacturing and to give them a taste of what a career in the exciting world of advanced manufacturing might look like. And by doing so, to drive traffic to gomakeit.org.


  • 200% increase in traffic
  • 40% CTR
  • 80% engagement rate


Young people don’t relate to manufacturers of the past, so it was critical to find a voice that would resonate with the type of ambitions they have as they consider their role in the world, and to show them that those old perceptions don’t reflect the high-tech manufacturing industry that is growing rapidly in the US.

Creative Strategy

We developed a five stage content strategy to grab and hold the attention of a millennial audience, by resonating with their work-life-goals. In executing the first stage of this strategy, we crafted a concise narrative that grabbed their negative perceptions by the horns, and shattered them within seconds, utilizing a modern voice and soundtrack to bind the spell. Then we implemented long and short cuts across social media and InStream advertising, to great effect.

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